Greensboro, NC

[email protected]

Artist's Statement 

I’m a digital illustrator based in North Carolina, USA. I express concepts of fantastical narratives that feature Afrofuturism and other related genres of Sci-fi/Fantasy while combining vibrant color schemes to create an intricate embodiment of work. 




Exhibitions/Art Collaborations:

  • Consensys, International Women's Day - Break the Bias (May 2022) Link
  • Catch & Cash, WNBA Legends Series (October 2021) Link
  • NiftyKit x MA40AM, Pieces of a Dream (June 2021) Link
  • Foundation x Towards Utopia x HerStoryDAO, The Digital Diaspora (June 2021) Link
  • MOCDA’s 777 Digital Art Exhibition (March 2021) Link
  • NorthWest Gallery, Griot Exhibition (March 2021)
  • ONE/OFF's, Beyond Provenance Exhibition (December 2020)
  • SuperRare Auction Week (December 2020)
  • SuperRare GenZ, Link (October 2020)
  • Old Friends Reunion, IODG DeFi Summit 2020, Shanghai, China (October 2020) Link
  • Black Lives Matter street mural, Downtown Greensboro (June 2020)
  • Bromance @ SCAD Alexander Hall ( April 2019)
  • 9 Art Show @ The Public (November 2019), Curated by Robert Xavier
  • NCAT Fall Student Art Show @ Dudley Memorial Building (November 2019 - December 2019)
The Artistbloc Pop-up Art Show (February 2020)

Speaker Events:

  • Horasis USA Meeting 2022: The Arts, Being an Artist - A Search of Self (March 2022)
  • Celebrating Black History Month - Black Tech Revolution: Rise of the NFT (February 2022)


  • PRINT Magazine - Blacksneakers Explores Afrofuturism to Uplift the Black Community (December 2021) Link
  • ABC NEWS, NFT's Spark Debate Over Digital Value, Environmental Impact Link (March 2021) 
  • BBC News, Business Daily: Where Art and Cryptocurrency Meet Link (April 2021) 
  • TIME Magazine, NFT's Are Shaking Up the Art World - But They Could Change So Much More Link (March 2021)
  • Consensys/Feltzine, Celebrating Black Crypto Art Beyond February ( Link
  • SuperRare: GenZ, Blacksneakers: Giving Social and Political Voices Link  (October 2020)
  • Ftpunks  ‘October Creator of the Month’ (October 2020) Link
  • The Walrus Magazine, Ditch the Sweatpants Link (August 2020)
  • New York Magazine, The Cut - Overloaded: Working In an Unequal America Link 
  • Mellow Mushroom 'Art of Mellow' Campaign (July 2020) Link
  • Medium, Black Lives Matter Street Mural in Downtown Greensboro (June 2020) Link
  • Vivid Interiors, Sunday Seven Spotlight - Local African American Artists (June 2020) Link
  • The Washington Post, Local Living ( June 2020) Link
  • 2020vision, Independent Media Platform (May 2020) Link
  • VoyageATL, Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative (February 2020) Link
  • North Carolina A&T Encore Literary Magazine (October 2019) Link
  • Temwani's Space, The Varying Ideas of the Emancipated Black Body by Black Bodies (July 2020) Link



  • North Carolina A&T State University (2019 - present)
  • Savannah College of Art and Design (2018 - 2019)